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Guizhou Huaqian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

The company now has rich experience and innovative ability of 8 designers, construction team of more than 180 people, with all kinds of construction projects reinforcement of more than 200 special machinery and equipment, reinforcement materials processing workshop. Since its establishment, the company has customers covering the cloud, Guizhou, river, Hunan, Guangxi and other surrounding provinces.

In order to adapt to the new situation of more and more customers outside the province, and to better provide fast and efficient service for customers outside the province, in accordance with the "Guizhou-based, china-oriented" development strategy, the company set up a branch in 2014 in Kunming, Yunnan, and Yunnan branch as the next three years in personnel, technology, and other key support and development of the region, and strive to make Yunnan branch in Guizhou Guizhou strengthening radiation important bridgehead.

The company practices the service concept of“Taking customer demand as the focus”, and takes customer satisfaction as the key point of staff performance and performance evaluation, from the service attitude, service time limit, service content, service quality and other aspects of comprehensive control, continuous improvement, and make every effort to provide customers with the best quality service.

Companies adhering to the“Quality first” principle, in accordance with the ISO quality control system standards, from design to construction, from personnel training to raw material procurement, from construction process control to quality inspection and acceptance of every link are strictly checked. Since its establishment, the company has never had a quality or safety accident, in the industry set up a good image and reputation, in the reinforcement industry has a high visibility.

The company's main services include: bonded steel; Baotou Steel; bonded carbon fiber; planting bars and bolts; crack repair; shotcrete; reinforced concrete; static cutting, drilling and demolition of concrete; foundation reinforcement; Pre-stress reinforcement; translation, rectification, lifting, joist column replacement of all kinds of building (structure) ; reinforcement of industrial plant, bridge, culvert, pipe, slope, curtain wall, etc. .

In the future, the company will continue to focus on building engineering reinforcement technology and product research and application, strive to strengthen the industry to write a brilliant chapter, sincerely look forward to working with you! Your satisfaction is our greatest achievement!

公司现具备丰富经验和创新能力的设计人员8人、施工团队180余人,拥有 各类建筑工程加固专用机械设备200余台、加固材料加工车间多个。公司成立至 今,客户覆盖云、贵、川、湖南、广西等周边省份。

为适应公司省外客户越来越多的新形势,也为更好地为省外客户提供快捷高 效的服务,公司按照“立足贵州,面向全国"的发展战略,于2014年在昆明设 立了云南分公司,并明确将云南分公司作为未来三年在人员、技术等方面重点支 持和发展的区域,力争使云南分公司成为贵州华黔加固向外辐射的重要桥头堡。

公司践行“以顾客需求为关注焦点”的服务理念,将顾客满意度作为员工绩 效考核的重点,从服务态度、服务时限、服务内容、服务质量等方面全面控制, 不断提升,竭尽全力为顾客提供最为优质的服务。

公司秉承“质量第1”的原则,依照ISO质量控制体系标准,对从设计到施 工、从人员培训到原材料采购、从施工过程控制到质量验收等每个环节均严格把 关。公司成立至今,从未出现过质量或安全事故,在业界树立了良好的形象和口 碑,在加固行业具有较高的知名度。

公司主要服务内容有:粘钢;包钢;粘碳纤维;植筋、植栓;裂缝修补;喷 射混凝土;混凝土增大截面;混凝土静力切割、钻孔、拆除;地基基础加固;预 应力加固;各类建(构)筑物的平移、纠偏、顶升、托梁换柱;工业厂房、桥涵、 管道、边坡、幕墙的补强加固等。